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Last change: 19.03.2018.

International Cooperation


International cooperation of the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje (HZZ) is based on bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements signed between the HZZ and the public employment services of other countries. With those foreign partners, that the HZZ does not have signed agreements with, cooperation is established on the basis of direct inter-institutional arrangements.

The work of the International Relations’ Division primarily refers to the following activities: promotion of cooperation with institutions and organizations of the same or similar purpose, fostering of the already established co-operation, organization of international conferences, workshops, seminars and other events of international character on the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The Division provides all HZZ departments with technical and professional support related to the activities at the international level.

The Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje cooperates with partners from EU Member States, neighbouring countries and other countries. We have established cooperation and contacts with the following countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, etc. The HZZ maintains and fosters good international, that is, good neighbourly relations with all its partners; however, so far, it has signed official cooperation agreements with the public employment services from the following countries:


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  •  Montenegro,
  • Hungary and
  • Germany.
At the regional level, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje fosters multilateral cooperation by being an active member in the Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC), a regional non-profit organization that brings together national public employment services or ministries responsible for employment policies and labour market issues in this part of Europe. The CPESSEC members are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey. The organization functions on the rotating presidency principle. Accordingly, at the beginning of 2011 Croatia and the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje took over the presidency of the Centre and organized two managerial and two expert conferences. In 2016 the Centre is presided by the Turkish public employment service (ISKUR).

After Croatia’s accession to the European Union, the HZZ ceased to be an observer in the European institutions responsible for labour market and employment issues, and it has taken on an active role in the following bodies: Employment Committee (EMCO), subgroups of the Employment Committee (EMCO Indicators Group and EMCO Policy Analysis group), European Network of Public Employment Services (EU PES Network), EURES Working Party, Partnership between Employment Services (PARES) and Dialogue between Public Employment Services (PES to PES Dialogue) and other forms of experience exchange between PES experts.

At the global level, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje fosters multilateral cooperation by active membership in the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES). The Association was founded in 1988/89 and has over 85 members from all over the world. The HZZ joined the Association in 1999, whereby it has acted as the Managing Board member since 2001. In May 2009, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje organized the Eighth WAPES World Congress very successfully, alongside with supporting activities related to the business operations of the Association. In May 2012, at the Ninth WAPES World Congress the HZZ was elected co-Vice-President for the WAPES Europe region for the period 2012 -2015 and in May 2015 at the Tenth WAPES World Congress it was re-elected member of the Managing Board for the next three-year period.