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Last change: 07.01.2015.

Monthly Statistics Bulletin

  ISSN 1849-3378

The Monthly Statistical Bulletin is a publication of the Croatian Employment Service that has been produced only in electronic form since No.2/2014, and is published around the 10th of the current month with the data of the previous month.

The data on registered unemployment, job vacancies, employment, beneficiaries of financial compensation as well as the data on the implementation of active labour market policy measures are presented on around fifty pages.

The data are presented at four levels: the level of the Republic of Croatia, the county level and the level of regional and local offices of Croatian Employment Service. The bulletin includes an introductory note on the labour market trends in a current month, geographical organization of the Croatian Employment Service and the data presented in the tables which are divided into three groups: overall unemployment and employment trends, data on unemployment and employment by industries and occupations and data on unemployment and employment presented by counties.

Finally, please note that the bulletin is a bilingual publication (in Croatian and English).

Numbers of Monthly Statistical Bulletin available in electronic form (pdf format) here.