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Croatian Employment Service
Central office
Radnička cesta 1
10000 Zagreb

Call Center 01 6444 000
Telephone +385 1 6126 000
Fax  + 385 1 6126 038 

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Last change: 20.08.2015.

Office for Employers

We have put all the information, that our employers might be interested in, in one place: the Offices for Employers established in all HZZ Regional Offices.
With the largest database of the unemployed/other jobseekers available and experts of the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje who are responsible for particular industries, we are going to make sure that you get a required worker as soon as possible according to the specifications that you have indicated regarding the job requirements in your company or craft:
  • we will receive your vacancy registration form;
  • you will get the information on employment co-financing, and you can also submit a request for employment co-financing in the Office for Employers;
  • we will agree on the date for group informing of interested persons on the premises of the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje, in case of a larger number of workers in demand;
  • we will arrange a professional selection procedure including psychological testing;
  • you will also be provided with other information since we can as well consult our other departments dealing with legal issues, analytics, vocational guidance services,
  • information on business consulting and
  • mobile teams,
  • employers’ survey,
  • information on previous job fairs, the Job Fair in preparation and the possibilities of participation.