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Croatian Employment Service
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Last change: 06.10.2015.

Other services

Online registration

In order to improve the efficiency of employment mediation, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje has introduced a faster way of using its service, that is, we designed the HZZ online public service "ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR WORKERS?".

All visitors of the HZZ online service have the option to view a daily offer of job vacancies in details without previous user registration. If you become a registered user, alongside with viewing job vacancies, you will also have additional options:
  1. option of detailed view of job vacancies and selection of candidates
  2. option of searching through and browsing CVs;
  3. option of entering a “vacancy registration form” via web form.

The Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje has had a long tradition of organizing job fairs, having started in Koprivnica in October 2007. Each Regional Office organizes this event once a year.

The Job Fair is organized in cooperation with the local community - Croatian Employers' Association, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, representatives of the local government - counties and cities, development agencies, adult education institutions and the like, ie, with all those that influence the labour market development and that can contribute to a better implementation of the objectives of this event.

All employers are invited to present themselves to potential jobseekers, and and other activities are organized within this fair: round tables, workshops, presentation of the HZZ programme.


Round tables on different topics related to the development of human resources are organized primarily to identify your needs as an employer, so that the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje could develop new services and strengthen the already existing good cooperation with you.
Each Regional Office organizes at least two round tables per year. They are organized to be focused on employers with regard to their activity, size, but also on different topics.


In order to examine the situation in the labour market and the needs of employers, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje conducts an annual Employers’ Survey in cooperation with its partners: Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and Croatian Employers' Association.
Cooperation with partners is agreed upon at the level of the Central Office, and implemented, depending on the possibilities of the branch offices of the partners on the site, at the local level, i.e. at the level of counties.

The survey is conducted on a sample and does not include all employers. Therefore, in order for the survey to be a success, it is important that the questionnaires are filled out as much as possible and that it covers as many employers as possible.

Employers’ Survey collects information from employers on employment in the previous year, on difficulties in recruiting, if any, and the plans and needs in terms of hiring new workers, potential surpluses and the need for additional training of employees in the current year.

In order to ensure as great a scope as possible, the questionnaires are sent by post; and for employers that have not completed the questionnaires, focus groups are organized where they are filled out with the assistance of the HZZ employees. According to the guideline for the Employers’ Survey, a visit to the employer and the filling-out of the questionnaire are organized.