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Use of Funds

Financial assets for IPA component IV are allocated by priorities and measures defined in the Operational Programme ''Human Resources Development''. CES DFC is Implementing Body for priorities and measures in the field of employment and social inclusion (priority 1, measure 2.1 within priority 2 and priority 4). Financial assets are awarded based on tenders launched by Implementing Body. Project documentation is ex ante approved by ministry responsible for certain priority/measure.

All tenders related to employment and social inclusion, as well as tender results are published in the Official Journal, on EU website, Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds website and CES DFC website.

Three basic tender types are published on CES DFC website:
     • Service,
     • Supply and
     • Grant.

Each tender defines criteria for the application. Applications are evaluated and the contract is signed with the best applicant. Evaluation and contracting are based on procurement rules defined for each tender type in Practical guide to contract procedures for EC external actions (PRAG). Templates for all relevant documents to be used by applicants and implementing bodies are also included in PRAG.

Purpose of service tenders is contracting expert services in form of studies or other intelectual services essential for the implementation of projects. There are two types of service contracts; global price and fee based. Global price contracts define price and expected results and are used for studies, such as: feasibility studies, economical and technical studies, market studies, evaluation and audits. Fee based contracts define activities, results, objectives and types of experts and are used for procurement of other intelectual services. Required characteristics of service are defined in Terms of Reference which give instructions and guidance to contractors at the tendering stage. The Terms of Reference are included in the Tender Dossier and will become an annex of the eventual contract awarded as a result of the tender. Tendering procedure for Service contracts is defined in PRAG.

Supply tenders
are used for acquiring different kinds of equipment and, if necessary, installation of equipment and training of users. Type of equipment and minimum requirements are defined in Technical Specification. The Technical Specification  is included in the Tender Dossier and will become an annex of the eventual contract awarded as a result of the tender. Tendering procedure for Supply contracts is defined in PRAG.

is a payment of a non-commercial nature by the Contracting Authority to a specific beneficiary to implement an action intended to help achieve an objective forming part of a European Union policy. It is launched using Call for Proposals.

Annual work programme for grants is published in the beginning of every year on the above mentioned web sites and contains a list of grants to be launched during the year. In addition to that, each Call for Proposals launched by CES DFC is published in local Croatian newspaper. Fields of action, target groups, eligible applicants, minimum and maximum amount awarded, required percentage of co-financing, procedures and criteria for evaluation of project proposals, as well as timeframe for execution of tender and implementation of selected projects are defined in Guidelines for applicants.


EU funds beneficiaries have the obligation to indicate that all project activities, procured services and goods are financed from IPA programme. Requirements and guidelines for tools used to do so, are described  in the Communication and visibility manual for EU external actions.

This manual aims to ensure that actions and goods that are wholly or partially funded by the EU include information activities that raise awareness of the reasons for the action and the EU support, as well as the results and the impact of this support.

All information regarding visibility can be found on European Commission website.


Award notices for all 4 lots of project 'CES Services To clients: Improving Lifelong Career Guidance and ICT Support' published

Service contract Award notice 'Support to the Social Welfare Sector in the Process of Further Deinstitutionalisation of Social Services' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Improving Access to Sustainable Employment of Long-term Unemployed Highly Educated Persons' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Youth in the labour market' published.

Updated Contract Award notice for the grant scheme 'Fostering effective inclusion of the persons with disabilities into the labour market'  published.

Updated Contract Award notice for the grant scheme 'Establishing Support in Social Integration and Employment of Disadvantaged and Marginalized Groups' published.

Award notice for the grant scheme 'Local Partnerships for Employment - Phase 3' published.