Active Labour Market Policy programmes

Taking into account the specific needs of its clients, the Hrvatski zavod za zaposljavanje (HZZ) has implemented a series of active labour market policy measures aimed at unemployed persons who are disadvantaged in the labour market, and at employers that need assistance with preservation of jobs. The HZZ has also implemented active labour market policies which stimulate employment, self-employment, training, occupational training and participation in public works programmes of specific target groups and the preservation of jobs with employers in difficulties.

The priorities and objectives of the active labour market policy are laid down in the Guidelines for the Development and Implementation of Active Labour Market Policy in the Republic of Croatia for the period 2015 - 2017. The said document was drafted on the basis of analysis of the current situation in the Croatian labour market and relevant strategic documents in the field of employment. The action priorities and targets have been defined, and accordingly active labour market policy interventions have been identified, which are to be implemented in the forthcoming period, the aim of which is to increase employment rates of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, improve the competitiveness of employers, increase the professional, geographical and educational mobility of labour force and ensure a good match between demand and supply in the labour market.