Youth Centers

The Youth Centres employ employment counsellors who are specially trained for effective communication with young persons, group work and workshops with young persons.

In this way we ensure premises, experts and information tailored to the needs of young persons in order to strengthen their competitiveness in the labour market.
Please find five key tips while searching for a job:
  1. Maintain regular contacts with your employment counsellor;
  2. Keep yourself up-to-date about job vacancies on a daily basis;
  3. Take part in as many active job search workshops as possible;
  4. Take EVERY opportunity to acquire new skills/experience;
  5. Be proactive and stay positive – do not limit yourself only to the activities offered by your employment counsellor, but, alongside with all the activities offered by the counsellor, search independently for additional activities that can help you find a job.
The Youth Centres can offer you the following services:

Zvonimirova 15/1st floor
10000 Zagreb
Phone: 00385 1 4699-999

Bihaćka 2c/2nd floor
21000 Split
Phone: 00385 21 310- 555