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About CES

About Croatian Employment Service

The Croatian Employment Service – CES (Croatian: Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje – HZZ) is a public institution owned by the Republic of Croatia, established under the Labour Market Act (Official Gazette 118/2018), and it plays a key role in regulating supply and demand in the labour market of the Republic of Croatia.

Mission and Purpose of the CES

Effective mediation in the labour market with the aim of providing necessary labour force, achieving full employment and exercising rights during unemployment, while promoting partnerships with stakeholders in the labour market.


The leading participant in the development of the Croatian labour market, especially in the area of employment mediation in order to bring together the entire labour supply and demand with the aim of achieving full employment.

CES Strategic Goals

  1. Customer relationship development
  2. Business process and organization development
  3. Human resources and technology development
  4. Effective management of material resources

Quality Management

The Croatian Employment Service (CES) is the leading institution in the Croatian labour market, particularly in the area of bringing together the entire labour supply and demand with the aim of full employment. This is achieved through effective mediation by developing high-quality services in line with clients' needs; through developing its own knowledge, skills and abilities as well as through promoting partnerships with stakeholders in the labour market.

Quality has been maintained in all business areas, in all phases of the business processes and in all elements of service provision as well as in every workplace. Business processes related to work with employers, the unemployed and other CES users must be continuously improved, while at the same time building the institutional capacity – in terms of human, financial and material resources.

High-quality system is the basis for successful, transparent and efficient business operations and development of the Croatian Employment Service in the future. It is the foundation and guarantee for achieving satisfaction and occupational safety of all our members of staff, clients, partners and society as a whole.

High quality is achieved by constant supervision; by permanently tackling poor quality, especially through the implementation of risk management actions that reflect a proactive approach to preventing non-compliance whereby constituting a part of the continuous improvement process.

The responsibility for quality is confirmed through continuous management and implementation of high-quality standards in every part of the CES business operations, by improving the efficiency of services provided, while at the same time reducing the number of customers’ complaints and meeting the requirements of our customers with cost-effective and transparent use of resources.

High-quality planning, successful system of quality control, continuous professional training and achievement of set goals will ensure the satisfaction of all partners and employees of our institution. This will increase the number of employees and enable overall progress and development.

Quality management of the Croatian Employment Service needs to be understood, applied and maintained at all levels. Every employee of the CES is obliged to comply with the adopted Quality Assurance Policy and should contribute to its implementation and improvement within the framework of their responsibilities and authorities; as well as continuously build up the reputation and the role of the CES in the wider community by establishing good business relations with their clients and external partners.