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With the largest database of unemployed persons/other jobseekers and the expert team of the Croatian Employment Service, we will assist you in your search for workers according to the specifications that you provide us with regarding the job requirements in your company or craft. All information can be obtained at the Office for Employers that operates in each Regional Office or Centre of the Croatian Employment Service:

  • we will receive your vacancy registration form;
  • we will arrange a meeting with a counsellor responsible for your industry and who is familiar with unemployed persons and occupations in which you are going to hire a person. Your counsellor will provide you with the information on persons you plan to hire regardless if you are hiring a worker from the area of your county or outside it;
  • you will get the information on co-financing of employment, and you can also submit a request for co-financing in this office;
  • we will agree on a date for group informing of interested persons on the premises of the , in case of a larger number of workers in demand;
  • we will arrange a professional selection procedure – a professional procedure of selection of candidates for a specific job or training, during which those persons that best meet the requirements will be selected - including testing abilities, personality traits, interests, values, motivation;
  • you will also be provided with other information, since, according to your needs, we can consult our other departments dealing with legal affairs, analytics, vocational guidance;
  • if you do not have human resources department, and you need to hire new workers, we also offer business consulting services in order to help you choose the best worker.

Vacancy registration can be submitted via e-mail (, phone call or personally at each Regional Office or Centre.