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Rights and obligations of unemployed persons

The rights and obligations of unemployed persons are stipulated in the Labour Market Act.

Obligations of unemployed persons

The main obligations of unemployed persons are to actively seek jobs and take all steps aimed at improving opportunities for finding a job. Examples:

  • attending individual counselling sessions;
  • drafting a professional job-seeking plan in cooperation with an employment adviser;
  • completing the agreed activities within defined timelines;
  • submitting applications to employers, staying informed about vacancy notices and competitions;
  • responding to invitations from the Croatian Employment Service and participating in employment preparation activities;
  • taying in contact with the adviser and informing them of any significant changes that may affect employability.

Rights of unemployed persons

The Labour Market Act provides for a series of rights and opportunities for unemployed persons to avail of under certain conditions. Examples:

  • The right to financial assistance, travel and other costs for beneficiaries of active employment policy measures.
  • The right to one-off financial assistance and compensation for travel and moving costs.
  • he right to a pension scheme if a person has a right to financial benefits and meets the age requirement for an old-age pension and is missing no more than five years of pensionable service for an old-age pension.
  • The right to unemployment benefits (in order to exercise this right, the person must have worked for at least nine months in the last 24 months; they must have registered with the Croatian Employment Service and submitted an application for benefits within the legally prescribed period).

Unemployment benefits

If all legal conditions have been met, the right to unemployment benefits arise for unemployed persons who (at the time of the termination of employment which did not occur through the will or fault of that person) have worked for at least nine months in the last 24 months; or, who have during the last 24 months contributed to the unemployment insurance system in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, or in another member state of the European Economic Area, or in the Swiss Confederation for at least nine months.

Expiry of a fixed-term employment contract is essential to acquire the right to unemployment benefits, whereas this right does not arise on any agreed termination of employment, regular termination by the employee, or dismissal as a result of the employee’s misconduct.

Necessary documents

In addition to the above-mentioned documents needed for registration on the unemployment register, the following must be attached to an application to exercise the right to unemployment benefits:

  • proof of the reason for the termination of employment (e.g., decision to terminate the employment contract, notice of termination of the fixed-term contract, etc.);
  • proof of the average gross salary earned in the three-month period preceding the termination of employment (e.g., employer's certificate, payslips certified by the employer);
  • proof of the current account number held in Croatia.

If you have worked in another Member State of the European Economic Area or in Switzerland since last receiving unemployment benefits, please also complete the form STATEMENT - WORK ABROAD. If possible, please attach a U1 transfer document issued by the employment service in the country where you have worked.

If you do not have all the necessary documents at the time of submitting your application, the application will be admitted and processed on receipt of all the documentation.

More detailed information in Croatian is available HERE.